Thursday, 10 November 2011

Chapter 17 - A bad wake up

Every part of me aches as I wake up. They must have done quite a number on me while I was unconscious. I can feel the bruises all over my body. The spots on my side where they zapped me are still stinging.
I open my eyes and cannot see anything, there is just darkness. I wonder how much time has passed. My head is still foggy from the drug they slipped me, so I guess that not too much time has passed.
I try to move, but cannot. I am bound. My arms are strapped across my chest, my hands against the opposite shoulder. The only movement I can manage is a worm like thrash that succeeds in banging my head against the hard floor beneath me.
It is then that I realise that I am naked. The only covering I have is the bindings that secure my arms and legs. And I feel cold, only my arms seem to retain any warmth.
I’m still feeling too fuzzy to concentrate, I cannot focus, so I let the confusion take me and slip into unconsciousness again. I do not dream.
Some unknown time later I awake again. As I open my eyes I am blinded by bright white light . I close my eyes, allowing the sudden ache in my skull to fade before opening them again. Gradually my eyes adjust and with my constricted movement try to look around.
I am in a different  cell, there are four walls, a ceiling and a floor of painted concrete. There are no windows. There is no furniture. Beneath me is the floor, layers of paint making it smooth, but still uncomfortable. I can feel its chill against my back. On one of the walls I can see the outline of a door, painted the same ochre colour as the walls. Set into the ceiling is a single light, the bulb covered in a fine mesh covering.
 I still feel bruised and sore all over, but at least the tazer burns seem to have faded a little.
Twisting my head I can see that I am bound in a straightjacket. The rough white cloth buckled securely and binding me tight. They haven’t gagged me though so I shout out. I yell until my voice is hoarse and mouth is dry. There is no response, just my own voice echoing back at me.
My mind must still be a little slow, I’m better than this. For me it takes more than walls to imprison me. I relax and let my mind float free. I try to pass through the wall beside me and meet unyielding resistance. This cannot be. I try again, but cannot pass through.
I try again, this time with all my strength. The same result. I try the other walls, searching for a weak spot. I am starting to panic now. I probe the floor, the door and the ceiling. Near the light I find a gap, I try to squeeze through and hit a new barrier.
Eventually I give up, exhausted. My head is pounding and my stomach growls, how long has it been since I have eaten? My mouth remains dry, I need a drink. The thought of a cool glass of water
I struggle against the straitjacket, twisting and pulling with my arms, trying to find a weakness. There is none to be found.
Weary I give up, calm my breathing and fall into sleep.
Some time later I awaken again. I go through the same routine again, burning more energy to no avail. My stomach feels hollow. My mouth is parched. I can feel the pressure in my bladder.
I am trapped and I cannot escape.

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