Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The original idea

My original idea was as follows:

The Cult of Me

Mark Hammond, a mid-level manager at the Defence Research Agency steals some technology that when combined will allow him to take over other people’s minds. The experiment works, but not as he expected. Instead of moving his mind into a new host body, he extends his mind into another person.

He soon realises that he can effectively control multiple people and embarks on an orgy of self indulgence at other people's expense. He caters to his every whim and fantasy, however he soon comes to realise the limitations of his ambitions and cranks it up a notch into a mad scheme for world domination.

The technology however has it weak points that mean that a few people realise what he is up to and have to stop him.

The story is told predominantly from his point of view, with some scenes from his various adversaries. And there is a final tweak in the tail.

It wasn't a bad idea and I did get quite far with the planning of it, however I did want to do soemthing a bit darker, it's still the same title, but the story has changed a little.

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